The concentrates and technical active substances

SUMI AGRO France proposes technical substances and concentrates for the manufacture of biocide products for household insecticides (HHI). The purity of technical substances ranges from 92 to 93%. They are to be used by manufacturers to produce concentrates finished products intended for the consumers. The concentrates can be comparable with a formulation, even if the addition of a solvent remains necessary. They are intended for a final use, but exclusively for a professional use.

Fields of applications
  • House,
  • Linen,
  • Empty buildings (including building for livestock),
  • Human health
  • Animal health
  • Protection of the materials (wood, wool…).
Targeted pests
  • Flies,
  • Mosquitos,
  • Fleas,
  • Clothes moth,
  • Cockroaches,
  • Others crawling insects,
  • Other flying insects.
  • Synergist,
  • IGR,
  • Insecticide,
  • Repellent.