Message à nos fournisseurs

Message to suppliers

Fruitful long term alliances enhance efforts as well as optimize processes and results, for this reason we listen to interesting proposals of specialty products in line with our identity and values. In Sumi Agro France, as well in Europe, we maintain an active policy of technological links between our suppliers with universities or research institutes to adapt new technologies to local conditions. Hence, we develop innovative and efficient products in co-creation with all the participants of the Agro & Biocide value chains.

For this reason listen, analyze the market and the trends, developing and investing in specialty products registration process. Our commercial and marketing teams are here to distribute and promote your products.

What SAF do for you

We have 20 years of expertise & knowledge of the French markets: Biocide, specialty fertilizers, Biostimulation, BioControl, Conventional crop protection solutions,… We have in-house expertise to manage the regulatory and development processes at national and / or zonal level We have financial support from Sumitomo Corp group through Sumi Agro Europe. We have a dedicated and focused team in the fields (Agro & Biocide) to position, promote and sell Brands. We have efficient CRM program and Marketing approach to exchange with the targeted & relevant audience.

Successful story in Europe

Sumiagro has more than 25 years of history in Europe with presence in many countries. Historically our company had a big presence in East Europe and day by day our presence is growing in countries like France and Germany. At European level, we have a great experience in co-develop products with Japanese suppliers mainly, but also big relationships with suppliers from different origins are enlarging the company portfolio with innovative products.

One interesting example is Acetamiprid. In Eastern Europe where Sumiagro is managing Mospilan under exclusive rights, today it is the insecticides Number 1 in the market, with much higher market share compare the countries where we don’t have access to the product. Also in Eastern Europe we are the leader in the miticides segment, with a technical approach that permit to do sophisticated and clear products segmentation.

Successful story in France

Locally, we have a successful co-development with Shin-Etsu, to introduce the Mating disruption concept in orchards in France. We do a great job together to introduce this technology, to explain to technicians and farmers the way to manage this innovative and environmental friendly solution. After almost 20 years, more than 60% of the Orchards are using the pheromones technology and we continue develop new tools under mating disruption concept.

Also we have the history of our Agroqualita colleague, today part of the Sumiagro roots, pioneers in the development of ultra-localize fertilization in row crops. Today SAF is the leader in this segment with more than 30% of market share. All the above successful stories can be duplicated for your product. Please feel free to contact us.